mardi 21 décembre 2010


Petite bestiole surgie de nulle part. Parfois je dessine trop près de la reliure de mon carnet...

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  1. So glad to hear that you are doing a new sci-fi saga… It’s not that I like science fiction so much, but I really liked your Lupus books. It was a marvelous story and the ending was one of the best I’ve seen in a comic (I ‘m thinking of another great ending I read that year, in Gipi’s “Appunti per una storia di guerra”…)
    Well to tell you the truth I like all your books, since I read “pildoras azules” back in 2004, I have got all of them thanks to Astiberri (except for Onomatopées which is impossible to find… why not a new edition?). I liked even your RG books, although I must say that don’t like very much police… and your Koma books which I bought for my daughter. And I can say that she likes them too, I usually find her taking them from the lowest shelves of the bookcase and saying “ka… ko...“ (kasko is helmet in euskara - basque language) while looking at the pictures. You know , she is only 19 months old.
    We met you in Getxo’s comic fair last month and you made a pair of little “in a hurry” drawings “pour Naia” in the Chateau and Pilules books we carried, but now that she has started to “read” Addidas stories, I’m sorry that we didn’t carry a Koma book to you to dedicate… my fault.
    Sorry for the long message, I usually don’t write to people whose work admire but I have take advantage of this chance… Ah, and thanks for your work.

  2. Muchas gracias! And no more Onomatopées because this is what we decided from the beginning with the editor. No new edition. It's like Halley's Comet. Maybe in 86 years...

  3. Uhhm... I'm 35... first edited in 2004... hopefully I'll be waiting for it, a 115 year old comic reader...